PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES                                                                          


Currently: Orange Group


2013-Today: Director Orange Fab France & Coordinator Orange Fab International Network
. Design and development of 4 business acceleration programs: "Original" - Marketing products and services; "Telecom Track" - Infrastructure and technical networks; "Women Start" - Dedicated to women founders or co-founders; “Orange Fab 5G” – 5G Solutions.

. Design of "Full Immersion" program for employees’ evangelization through immersion into start-ups.
. Coordination of a network of 17 accelerators on 4 continents for business cross acceleration.

. Management of mentoring communities & Digital strategy management.


2007-2013: Business Development Director

. Designed and development of an international program to generate value by capitalizing on patents.

. Business development with Developers, Start-up and SME.


2003-2007: Program Director

. Consumer's usage and value development.

. Consumer’s journey and experience for high tech products and services.


2000-2003: Head of multi-channel commercial speech 

. Contents of commercial speech and implementation in multi-channel.

. Multimedia projects in multi-channel, notably a one-line business portal.


Key achievements within Orange Group: 80% to 100% completion rate of commercial partnerships

between young innovative companies and Orange business lines or job lines. 

· Commercial partnerships that have developed and consolidated Orange's market positions. Some examples: Famoco, business applications; Apizee, anytime, anywhere video communications solutions; Key Infuser, innovative robotic solutions; Hxperience, solutions to improve the operation of buildings and maximise their use through data; Athonet, innovative software and Cloud solutions for the 4G/LTE and 5G markets; InTouch, solutions for access to payment and digital services in Africa.

· Business partnerships that have transformed Orange's business processes. Some examples: ResPublica, collaborative dialogue solutions for companies or administrations; Esprits Collaboratifs, to unleash the collective intelligence of your teams; Global'Exam, e-learning solutions to improve language learning; Bloomin, solutions to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of life at work; Fifty, self-learning solutions to translate advice into action).

Kellogg Company


1995-2000: Consumer Goods Marketing Manager
. Management of product ranges and products’ mix marketing.
. International and national products development and launch.
. International and national partnerships negotiation and implementation.
. Packaging, promotion and media planning.




2013-2017: University Paris-Saclay

. Doctor in Management Science: Managerial innovation Institutional work; Open Innovation Ecosystems; Cooperation between companies; Business incubators; Technological innovations.


1993-1994: ISC Paris

. Specialized Postgraduate Degree: Management & Business Administration.


1991-1992: University Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris I)

. Master 2 (M2): Stochastic Modelling and Statistics - Economy and Finance.


1990-1991: University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)

. Master 1 (M1): Applied mathematics in the Fundamental Sciences.




Since 2018: Author ISTE / WILEY. 1st Book “Open Innovation, the corporate incubator” by P. Latouche (ISTE, 2018; ISTE & WILEY, 2019). 2nd Book on social dynamic of Open Innovation, publication in May 2020.


Since 2014: Speaker on “Entrepreneurship”, “Open Innovation”, “Innovation” in digital events, schools (IMT Business School, University Panthéon-Sorbonne, IAE Paris, ESD) and Corporate.


2013-2016: Temporary teacher on “Strategic Management”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Innovation” at IMT Business School.


2013-2014: Case studies in 7th edition of "Service Marketing" by C. Lovelock & al (Pearson, 2014), "The Internet of Things, to effectively manage our daily lives", "Simplib, the social network of the Web”.


2010-2016: Member of the Development Council at IESA MultiMedia.




2020-Today: Member of RH&M, Human Resources Innovation Hub.


2019-Today: Member of Com’Média Executive Board, Marketing & Com Innovation hub.


2018-Today: Member of Club de Paris des Directeurs de l’Innovation, Innovation hub.


2013-Today: Member of the Foundation Telecom Committee on Loans to Start-ups.

2012-2012: Paris Founders Event to promote international French start-ups.


2011-2016: Lady Pitch Night with Girls in Tech to promote the female entrepreneurship.


2011- 2014: BeMyApp Week End Start-up to perform mobile applications & services.


2010-2013: Challenge Humanitech to involve students in humanitarian solutions development.




French: native.

English: fluent.





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